Oregon Virtual Education (ORVED)

Established in 2012 ,ORVED was created by Oregon educators. We are a not for profit charter school, designed to help small schools. We currently serve grades 6-12.


Today, we work with multiple districts to provide courses to students who may not have access otherwise . To see if your school is on the list of cooperating districts, click here. Students who are remaining in their home district are considered to be Non – Charter students. Students can take core classes at the resident district, and take ORVED courses to supplement their education. This is a great way for districts to accommodate challenging schedules, or students in need of advanced placement.

ORVED also functions as an online public charter school that any student in the state of Oregon can attend.  We have two charter hosts, Gaston School District ( ORVED- West) and Sherman Co School District ( ORVED- East) .  We offer part time , students taking 1 -2 courses, and full time schedules where students are taking 6 courses. Once you enroll with ORVED, you are considered a charter student.

How It Works!

  • We have weekly enrollment – Enroll by any Thursday, and the following Monday your classes are ready
  • Students can work at their own pace
  • All courses are allotted 18 weeks
  • Courses are all online – no books!
  • Students are required to check in twice a week with their teacher
  • Students are expected to check their email regularly

Course Details

  • All are aligned with Common Core State Standards ( CCSS)
  • All courses come with an Oregon licensed, highly qualified teacher
  • We use high quality, challenging curriculum ( www.flvsglobal.net)

Enrollment is ongoing. Enroll now